All Communications High School courses are taught at the honors level. During the freshman and sophomore years students are introduced to all aspects of the communications field through a variety of mandatory theme courses. Beginning with the junior year, students are able to pick their own electives based on the career pathway they find most interesting.

Freshman Courses (40 credits)
EnglishEnglish 1 5 credits 
Math One of the following:
Algebra 1
Algebra 2/Trig
5 credits
ScienceBiology5 credits 
HistoryWorld History 5 credits
Foreign LanguageSpanish 1 or 25 credits
HealthHealth 12 credits 
Physical EducationFitness 1 3 credits 
Theme CoursesCommunications Technology2.5 credits 
 Digital Video2.5 credits 
 Mass Media
2.5 credits
 Effective Speech 2.5 credits 

Junior Courses (40 credits)

MathOne of the following:
Algebra II/Trigonometry
Calculus* (AP)
5/7.5 credits
ScienceChemistry  5 credits 
History US History II 5 credits 
Foreign Language Spanish 3 or 4* 5 credits 
HealthHealth 3 1 credit 
Physical EducationFitness 3 1 credit 
Theme Courses Media Writing 3 credits 
 Electives10 credits

Junior Year Elective Choices:

Advanced Journalism


Digital Photography

E-Publishing/Print Production/Yearbook (Fall semester only)

Illustration and Design

Intermediate Digital Video


Live Studio Production–Radio/TV


Web Design and Social Media Marketing

* Calculus, Creative Writing, and Spanish IV are taught in conjunction with Seton Hall University.

Students have the ability to earn 3 credits for Calculus, 3 credits for Creative Writing, and 6 credits for Spanish IV.

Sophomore Courses (40 credits)

English English II5 credits 
MathOne of the following:
Algebra II/Trig
5 credits 
Science Physics 5 credits 
History US History I 5 credits 
Foreign LanguageSpanish 2 or 3 5 credits 
HealthHealth 22 credits
Physical EducationFitness 2 3 credits
Theme CoursesIntroduction to Design5 credits
 Introduction to TV/Radio
2.5 credits
  Introduction to Programming
2.5 credits

Senior Courses (40 credits)

EnglishEnglish IV: Creative Writing* 5 credits
MathPrecalc, Calculus* (AP) 5/10 credits 
ScienceAdv Bio, Adv Physics, Forensics 5 credits
Health / Physical EducationSenior Health & Physical Education 0.5 credits
Required creditsMentorship4.5 credits
 Financial Literacy 2.5 credits
 Research Paper 2.5 credits
Theme Courses Electives10/15 credits 

Senior Year Elective Choices:

Advanced Design

Advanced Concepts in Programming

Advanced Journalism

Advanced Studio Production-TV

Advanced Studio Production-Radio

Advanced Print Production

Advanced Web Design

Advanced Yearbook


AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

Digital Photography

E-Publishing/Print Production/Yearbook (fall)

Advanced Digital Video

Fine Art Photography

Historical Issues in Film


Live Studio Production


Print Production

Spanish IV* or Spanish Communication


Web Design and Social Media Marketing