Student Government

Student Government Association

Adviser: Mrs. Morgan

The SGA is an elected, five-person council that serves to govern CHS. School-wide events such as Color Wars, Spirit Weeks and information sessions for the school are made possible by the SGA. The SGA also approves events and fundraisers for clubs and class councils, ultimately organizing the calendar for the school year.

Freshman Council

Adviser: Ms. Britto

As new members of the school, the freshmen are in charge of acclimating their class. They host an event in the spring, which changes each year.

Sophomore Council

Adviser: Mrs. Clevenger
The sophomore class is responsible for hosting Winter Ball, the biggest formal dance second only to prom.

Junior Council

Adviser: Ms. Crelin & Mrs. Diver
Coffeehouse is the major responsibility of the junior council.

Senior Council

Adviser: Mrs. O'Keefe & Mrs. Gomez
During their senior year, council members are in charge of planning the senior trip, the canoe trip, senior breakfast and, of course, prom.