Clubs at CHS typically host meetings during the lunch/activity 60-minute period, with some events taking place outside the school year. Clubs are student-run with teachers appointed as advisors.


Advisor: Ms. Britto Davino

The Cultural Communications Club focuses on serving the community through volunteering. The CCC supports local and national organizations and hosts the annual CCC Fest.


Advisor: Mrs. Fitz

Yearbook gives students the chance to showcase their design skills while also getting involved with school events. The yearbook is student-created, with many teams including photography and layout.


Advisor: Mr. Woolley

The Inkblot is a student-run publication, distributed six times each year in print form and uploaded in digital form. It is a public forum for student expression and encourages various opinions to be voiced. View Inkblot's website here.

Freshman Class Council

Advisor: Mrs. Baldaccini

As new members of the school, the freshmen are in charge of acclimating their class. They host an event in the spring, which changes each year.

Sophomore Class Council

Advisors: Ms. Van Arsdale

The sophomore class is responsible for hosting Winter Ball.

 Junior Class Council

Advisor: Mr. Godkin

Coffeehouse is the major responsibility of the junior council.

 Senior Class Council

Advisors: Mrs. O'Keefe & Mrs. Ortner

During their senior year, council members are in charge of planning the senior trip, senior breakfast, and prom.

 Lit Mag

Advisor: Mrs. Vander Velde

The Literary Magazine publishes students' creative writing pieces in various issues throughout the year.

Tech Club

Advisor: Mr. Godkin

This is a fun space to play video games and code with peers. They hold workshops, video game tournaments, and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Skills USA & NTHS

Advisor: Mr. Stengele

These clubs allows students to explore different careers.


Advisor: Mrs. O'Keefe

National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Juniors and seniors qualify with service and leadership hours and high marks.


Advisors: Mrs. Ortner & Mx. Gesin

National Art Honor Society holds art workshops and hosts the art show.

Photo Club

Advisor: Mrs. Fitz

This club is for anyone interested in photography! Members photograph events and participate in workshops and critiques.

Economic Education Club

Advisor: Mr. Godkin

Want to learn more about business and economics? This club is for you!

Chorus Club

Advisor: Mr. Godkin

This club is a space for students to sing and perform for their peers.

Queer Alliance

Advisor: Mrs. Gidos

Queer Alliance provides a safe space for students to support each other's identities.

Chess Club

Advisor: Ms. Conroy

Chess club is a fun place to challenge friends to a game of chess. 

Radio Club

Advisor: Mr. Bengle

At radio club, students have the opportunity to create their own podcast with friends!

Digital Video Club

Advisor: Mr. Salowe

Digital Video Club focuses on film making and provides students access to professional equipment for production use. Many students submit their work to local and national contests and receive recognition.

Book Club

Advisor: Ms. Colvin

This is a club for students to read and discuss books!

Drama Club

Advisor: Mr. Bengle

Drama club performs two student-run productions each year.

Philosophy Club

Advisor: Mrs. Lang

Philosophy Club is the perfect club to discuss philosophy with like-minded students.