Grade Point Averages (GPA) and Grading System

All GPAs are unweighted and on a 100-point scale. They will be computed each academic year by multiplying the grade earned for each course by the number of credits and dividing by the total possible number of credits.

92-100 (A) = Superior Proficiency

85-91   (B) = Above Average Proficiency

77-84   (C) = Proficient

70-76   (D) = Partial Proficiency

0-69     (F) = No credit/No credit

All courses are taught at an Honors Level, and therefore, there is no weighting system for cumulative GPAs.

There will be four individual marking periods grouped into two semesters.


In accordance with the Monmouth County Vocational School District policy, Communications High School does not rank its students. The school selects the top-performing middle school applicants from each sending district in Monmouth County, and all students participate in a rigorous course of study. All students in our school are exemplary, and therefore, a class rank would not portray an accurate representation of a student. However, if there is evidence that omitting a class rank from an application would result the pupil in being eliminated from consideration,  a class ranking will be submitted to the specific university.

Late Work and Extra Credit

MCVSD believes students should take responsibility and be held accountable for handing in assignments on time. Work handed in late will have the ability to affect the overall grade in a class, and every calendar day an assignment is late, 10% of the assignment grade will be deducted. If work is not submitted, a grade of a zero will be assigned.

Across the entire district, extra credit will not play a major weight in students' grades. All extra credit awarded needs to be content related and have less than a 2% impact on the overall grade.