Educational development of each learner is the result of collaborative effort involving students, educators, parents, community members, and industry specialists

Open and frequent communication with parents/guardians promotes student success

Honesty and integrity are expected of the entire school community

Individuality, creativity, and originality should be respected and appreciated

Integration of current technology across the curriculum optimizes achievement

Academic and work-place readiness skills prepare students to succeed in post-secondary opportunities

Collaborative learning fosters positive interpersonal skills and exposure to diverse points of view

Theme-based career awareness prepares students to make better choices regarding their future

Honesty and integrity are expected of the entire school community

All members of the school community will be treated with dignity and respect

Students will engage in activities that develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills 

Students are provided educational opportunities and experiences needed to achieve their maximum potential in an environment that fosters physical and mental well being

Act ethically and with integrity

Exhibit academic confidence with strong study and time management skills

Be accountable for one's actions

Possess an academic skill that exceeds NJ educational requirements

Communication in multiple forms with confidence and competence

Articulate clearly in oral, visual, and written forms

Demonstrate a high level of competency using current technology

Maintain technical flexibility and adapet to new technology

Synthesize information in innovative and creative ways 

Work cooperatively to achieve their academic and professional goals

Interact effectively in national and global communities

Assimilate both academically and socially in a college environment and meet the demands of the professional world