How is CHS different from a traditional high school?

Communications High School is a specialized program for students interested in learning more about various fields of communication including TV, radio, design, journalism, and photography.

Is there tutoring available for students who need help in a particular class?

All teachers have office hours set aside during the lunch period to assist students who are seeking additional help. Additionally, the National Honor Society offers peer tutoring during lunch.

How much homework do students receive?

With proper time management skills, students receive a very manageable amount of homework each night. Additionally, students have access to open computer labs at lunch if they need to work on an assignment during the school day.

What is the average class size?

Each incoming class has around 70 students. Most classes at CHS have 22 students or less. 


What are some popular clubs at CHS? 

There are so many clubs our students participate in. See the clubs page of our website for more details!

What school events are there? 

School events help to bring the CHS community together. There are dances and after school events throughout the school year, and the Student Government Association hosts spirit week in the fall and spring. Finally, the SGA & PSFA host Color Wars every year in June. You can check out some school happenings here.

Will students need to arrange their own transportation for after school activities?

Yes. Most clubs, however, hold their meetings during the hour long lunch period.

Does CHS have sports teams?

No. Students who wish to participate in sports must return to their home high school.


How are students transported to CHS?

Students are transported to school by buses organized by the home district. Seniors with proper documentation are allowed to drive to school, and students may also opt to get a ride from their parents to school.

How are students transported to their home high schools for sports?

Transportation to home high schools is organized with your individual bus company/school district. Students who play sports are allowed to leave class a few minutes early to get changed into their uniforms if necessary.


How do students get their lunch? 

Students may purchase lunch provided by Pomptonian Food Service, or they may opt to bring their own lunch.

Will I need to buy a laptop? Should I get a Mac or PC?

It is not necessary to purchase a laptop. All computers at CHS are Macs, however, most programs are compatible with either and many students use PCs as their personal computers.

Do I have to plan on pursuing communications as a career in order to attend CHS?

Not necessarily. Students should express a demonstrated interest in the communications field, but we understand that interests change throughout high school. Many alumni do work in the communications field, but many have also taken up other disciplines.